Regular Bike Polo Game Time

Regular Bike Polo Game Time: Every Wednesday and Saturday night, 9:00 pm.


GloryC in FIXGEAR Alleycat Races @ JhongLi 2011

We didn't race tonight. Because there are bad trafic in Chung Yuan night market every night. We spent to much time to find a parking space. We were late about 2 minutes and still want to race in Jhongli. But the first check point was to many people in night market and raining suddenly. So, finally we ate many food in  Chung Yuan night market.


**New RC “111″ Mallet** – Official Launch on “Mazza D’oro Tournament”

Nome: UNO.UNO.UNO ( 111)

Lunghezza: 111cm
Peso: 178 grammi
Diametro: Head 11 mm / End 18 mm
Materiale: Alloy 7075 F56
Graphic: Sublimation
via Riding In Circle